Club Ottawa

77% love it
Old school bathhouse
No frills bathhouse in Westboro area. Steam room, sauna, showers, videos, play area and gloryholes. There's also a blackout night on the last Thursday of the month. The carpet in the hallways is kind of bizarre. Tends to be an older crowd, and busiest during weekday afternoons, as it's not near any of the bars.


    • MarrQ
      MarrQ 3 months ago
      Hates it

      visiting this wknd
      Well not much good reviews but I like seeing for myself. Gn Ottawa this weekend and May just check in.

    • PieroDelon
      PieroDelon Over a year ago

      The negative reviews were right.
      I've been to bathhouses in other cities before, but never did I experience such aggression AND rudeness. I'm not a confrontational type that looks for trouble. If I turn someone down, I do it without making a scene or being bitchy about it. I had to reject a guy multiple times, only for him to give me a stank attitude. The guy needed to back off and mind his own business. I ended up not connecting with anyone on my visit, save for some small talk. The overall size and layout is not great either. Dry sauna and steam-room, but no hot tub. Plus one star because the staff member working the front desk was friendly, and the student discount makes for a good deal.

    • TimboDX
      TimboDX Over a year ago
      Loves it

      First Timer
      I'm going to give Club Ottawa a try as it's the only sauna in the area and I'm only 30 minutes away. Stopping in tonight...wish me luck.

    • joshmeyerottawa
      joshmeyerottawa Over a year ago
      Hates it

      It's a shame that it's the only saunahouse in town.
      I went to this saunahouse this summer a couple of times. I don't think of wasting my money again. The men are really older and out of shape. I understand that not everybody is a model, but people there really need to take better care of themself. It's not a trendy and fun crowd. My room was dirty and the floor was sticky. I could not complain because there was only one staff member who was never at the front desk. This saunahouse really feels like a retirement home for nudists. The music was really bad and the wet sauna smelled like cigarettes. If you want to cruise, this is not the place. Bars downtown are much better. For tourists, I would not advice this place because it is really far from downtown and the crowd is not representative of Ottawa's LGBT community.

    • canadianmale4u
      canadianmale4u Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Glad to see you are still around
      This has been for me quite an experience in my gay life when we had many gay clubs in both Ottawa and the Hull area. I also been an employee of Club Ottawa and always found the patrons and other team to be there for one another. The respect always been something to count when entering one of my shift ... sitting down to unwind with patrons ... chilling and where I also was part of a ground of Team Members that were at the time if not still all doing drags in the region to promote awareness and fundraising events for HIV/AIDS ... been now 2 years since my partner died and to date have not went out on about and planning to do in the next few weeks and see where I plan on taking once more my gay life. I know I will be stopping by to see all the changes done in the club ... glad you always stood up for all the politics and remained open for all to have a place to meet and as well be in a safe location while visiting the region. much ♥♥♥ around to you all xox keep up the great work

    • Boring place, too expensive and not worth it.
      We went there my boyfriend and I a couple of times. The men there are much older. We like older men, but the crowd was not really fun and attractive. The men were too aggressive and they would not leave us alone even if we said very politely that we were not interested. The staff was ok, but very absent. We wanted to ask if the knocking on doors was acceptable for their sauna (personally, we consider that to be very rude), but the guy at the front desk was never there. We would not recommend this place. The gay bars downtown are much more interesting and exciting.

    • Albion38
      Albion38 Over a year ago

      First time
      As it's the only gay sauna, I'm gonna try Club Ottawa with a friend. It's supposed to be more crowded on the last thursday of each month, right ? If other students want to join us tomorrow, it would be great :)

    • jackyottawa
      jackyottawa Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Best in Ottawa
      In reality, this place has nothing on any of the baths in Montreal, but Ottawa has certainly come a long way. Club Ottawa (sometimes referred to as Central Baths) boasts a bit of an older crowd throughout the week with younger to middle-aged guys coming in and out sporadically around lunch time and in the evenings after work. Friday nights and weekends are significantly more busy with younger guys coming in and out later in the evening. The last Thursday of each month is Blackout Night. All the lights get shut off so it's harder to see who you are rubbing up on. Blackout Thursday is the most popular night at Club Ottawa. Lockers get booked fast, and room even faster. It's safe to say it's the hottest night in Gay Ottawa. The second Thursday of each month is Bear Night, which is a community planned event. Although I haven't been able to attend a Bear Night yet, I'm sure the name says it all. There is an open concept shower next to the lockers, and a wet and dry sauna in near proximity. Both the dry and wet sauna are nice spacious with some edges to allow for some neat positions. There used to be a sling room in the back, and last I heard they were planning on setting it back up. There are also glory holes in the far back. The lounge offers drinks at standard club prices, along with non-alcoholic beverages and some food. The lounge is also equipped with a computer and TV. The venue itself is in a discrete area with free parking available around the neighborhood although, the location really isn't the best. Being a small drive or bus ride from the downtown core, it leaves a great portion of the gay crowd left out. Especially the club-going crowd. All in all, whether passing through Ottawa, or simply looking to explore the gay establishments, Club Ottawa is well worth the visit. If you get in on blackout night it will be well worth your money.

    • Anibalinski
      Anibalinski Over a year ago

      Love Club Ottawa!
      Well taken care, friendly service, really clean and fun!! The music is good…Awesome Club! Donno why everyone should switch to the tubs here!! Really much better! If you haven't been in a while check it out!!!

    • Bernie2
      Bernie2 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Been there
      Many time & every time was fulfilling so to speak.

    • great fun
      Always a good time not fancy just normal guys ! Older and bears.